Timeless Images that tell the Full Story of your Adventure

Seattle Wedding Photographer

And to take mental pictures of all the people you love most - gathered together to celebrate your love. 

Because these once-in-a-lifetime moments...you want to capture them all. Not just the smiling faces or a list of portraits... No, you want to remember the emotion and excitement too. You want to savor the full essence of this day, forever. 

"Your wedding day goes by so fast...
In the blink of an eye, it'll be gone."

Mental Pictures

You’ve heard it before. 

So, you'll be sure and take the advice:

To be intentional
To be still, and soak it all in
To truly experience each moment

But what happens when the mental pictures fade, and the stories are forgotten?
Then what?

Not only do I want to give you those moments to hold on to, but I also want to give you the stories those moments encapsulate. 

To me, weddings are one of the most beautiful human experiences! Which is why, with every organic, candid-driven click of the shutter, I want to capture the experience for you.

And because I'm a photojournalist at heart, it's natural for me to want to capture the visual representation of a full story. ​​​​​​​I've taken this same approach with over 100 happy couples. And it's the same approach I hope to have a chance to take with your wedding.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



I'm Cameron

Because when I do, I'll curate the storyline, highlight the best parts, 
and include all the unexpected twists and turns that make it unique.
I'll capture the quiet times and overwhelmingly magical times. 

The nervous tears and happy tears. 
The deep-breath faces and party-time faces. 

The I-can-do-this-moments and the I-could-do-this-all-damn-day moments.
And all the in-between things you might not get to see because you.... 
well you’re too busy getting married!

It's the hidden moments, the little moments that will come together to create the full story of your day.

A story I'm so happy to say, you'll get to relive and experience, forever.



"amazing pictures that are timeless and equally capture natural beauty of people and their environments"

Cameron takes amazing pictures that are timeless and equally capture natural beauty of people and their environments, candid moments, and every small important detail of your big day. Almost more than her amazing photos is Cameron herself. You will probably spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than anyone else, and I can tell you having Cameron around is a pure joy.


I'm sure it seems like there are a million decisions for you to make. 
And if you're being honest, you probably didn't realize there would be so much to think about. 

But the truth is, planning a wedding can be overwhelming.
Shoot, the photography alone can be daunting!

 I bet you're quickly realizing there are a lot of us to choose from, and a lot of things you don't know: 
the styles, the process, the contracts, the traditions, the rules...
It can be a lot! 

A Practical Process

Which is why I like to get practical and start helping you right away. 

In fact, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much I love to help! 
Because I'm not just a show-up and take pictures of the day kind-of photographer. Nope.

I have a background organizing and traveling the world with large groups of high schoolers {Not an easy job, let me tell you!} 

So I bring those same practical and useful skills to the table as we prepare for your wedding.

And that starts right away. 

Once you reach out, you'll quickly hear back from me to set up a call to connect. I'm prompt and prepared (like a true travel nerd!) but...even more than that, I am genuinely looking forward to talking with you. 



On our initial call, I'll most likely already know what time sunset is on your wedding date so we can go ahead and start creating a rough draft timeline together. You may want to see how your day might play out with the photos and what you may (or may not need). And I want to assist you in figuring that out! 



I'm sure you have a lot of questions - photography related or not. So I want to be a resource. Ask me anything. I'll guide you in the right direction. And I'll even recommend other vendors you may need. I truly mean it when I say I want to be helpful and make this as easy on you as possible.



I'll take all the details we talked about and put together a customized proposal that works for you and your day. Nothing more. Nothing less. 



Actually, in my opinion, there are no rules at all when it comes to your wedding! 

This is your day and I'm all for keeping it true to who you are.

Overall, my hope is that you'll feel less overwhelmed because I'll communicate with you, I'll organize for you, I'll problem-solve, even before you've booked with me.

Sounds pretty practical to me. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

Because guys, there is no rule that says I can't be helpful until you sign on the dotted line.


Cameron was a highlight of our day, seriously. I think one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process was to hire her. She is extremely talented, made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, and was great at communicating with us. She even helped us develop our timeline and communicated with other vendors!...She is truly the best! 

one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process was to hire her.

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More connection.
More joy.
More love and life. 

Like a fly on the wall, eagerly along for the ride, I soak in the magic of your day. 

And I sneakily collect hidden moments for you to enjoy.

These images, and the people in them, mean so much to me.

Meaningful Moments 

meaningful moments

These moments are always the images that show so much more:

And I'm so happy to share some of these incredibly meaningful moments with you. 

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