The Legacy of You

What a beautiful gift.

Imagine your grandchildren opening a drawer of photos.

They see two beautiful people on their wedding day. Curious, they ask you questions about everything. And as you share your stories, you immediately feel the love and joy of that day all over again. 

These images are like your very first heirloom. A view into your past and your future. And you want someone to treat them as such. Someone with more than just a decent camera who can take pretty pictures.

I couldn't agree more. 

My hope is that by capturing the connection and the love between you, and by documenting every beautiful, romantic, and reverent moment of the day, I'm able to give you timeless photos that bring your beautiful story to life.

your first heirloom

Because this is your legacy.
And I promise to treat it that way. 

A Story Worth Telling 

story worth telling

I truly want to take care of you and honor the true-to-life nature of your photos. Because you have a beautiful love story worth telling.

Below are just some of the ways I'll capture that story for you:

There's no better way to prepare for a big adventure than starting with a smaller, less intimidating excursion. Right? So, if you’re at all nervous about having your photo taken on your wedding day (who isn’t?), then I highly recommend doing an engagement session.

They give us time to get to know one another and get comfortable working together. You’ll learn how I work, and I’ll learn about you two and what poses, settings, and angles work best for you. We'll be more in-sync on your wedding day. And we'll have some fun! 


I work with only a handful of full-time, professional wedding photographers that I know and trust {So much so that I'd happily let them capture my own wedding}. Because you know you want that iconic photo of you walking down the aisle and the reaction on your partner's face.

Or that tear that hits your dad's eyes as he gives you away and the emotion on your mom's face too. All at that same time. As a team, we'll make those beautiful photos happen for you. 

Second Photographer

You want photos that are true to the day and the time. And that means you don't want an overly trendy, orange and brown version of you. Or something from the latest Pinterest craze. That's why I have a light hand when it comes to retouching.

And I maintain the true-to-life colors and the timeless details of your day. No, I won't Photoshop you to look skinny or modify things in a drastic way to change the way you look. ​​Instead, I'll celebrate and preserve you and your wedding day in all of its unfiltered, beautiful, and natural fullness.

Professional Editing

You can't pass your Facebook page down to your grandkids. No, some stories deserve a book — a beautiful, modern, lay-flat book that comes in a variety of linens and leathers, and holds the heart of your wedding day within it. I’ll curate the most evocative images into your own personal, touchable narrative. This is not your grandma’s wedding album (although don’t be surprised if she wants one, too).


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Not only are the photos stunning, they also perfectly capture the atmosphere of the day and the personalities of everyone present. Cameron's photos help us to relive all of the amazing memories from the best weekend of our lives, and for that we are very grateful. 

Now that everything is said and done, we couldn't be more overjoyed with the final product. 

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joanna g.


What an experience you two are about to embark on!
Weddings are real and honest. They are full of the joyful, candid, authentic moments that all the best stories are made of.  
And I'm so grateful to be a part of it. 

Which is why I'll always:
problem solve
and organize for you. 

I'll encourage you. I'll make you laugh. And most importantly, I'll consistently give you every reason to trust me with your story. 

with gratitude

with gratitude


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