Embrace The Moment

That is so far outside of your comfort zone. 

 When you look at your photos in 10 years, you want your photos to look like you...

The beautiful, one-and-only person your fiancé fell in love with.

But if you're like most couples I talk with you don’t feel like yourselves when there's a camera in your face. And the thought of staged photos and awkward set-ups? No thank you! 

I get that. It’s easy to feel intimidated when the camera comes out. {There’s a reason I’m usually the one behind the camera.} 

But here's the good news: 

I solemnly swear to never ask you to “smile and say cheese”.
My goal is for you to have fun, embrace real emotions, and connect with one another. While I lay low, gently direct you, and help you get out of your own head. After all, just because your photos are planned doesn’t mean they can’t also feel natural, organic, and authentic.

So, forget about the camera, and just embrace the moment. 

What do you say? 

We were hesitant about having a camera "in our face" on our big day. We never felt anything like this with Cameron. She captured all of our moments, focused on what was important to us, and never once felt intrusive. She made us laugh, directed us in a gentle yet totally effective manner and made us feel comfortable and at ease. I can't say enough good things about working with her.

 She made us laugh, directed us in a gentle yet totally effective manner and made us feel comfortable and at ease.

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rachel + ben

I have always loved and appreciated photography. But surprisingly, I didn't always know I wanted to be a wedding photographer.

In fact, before I was a photographer, I was an environmental educator and sea kayak guide.

Growing up in Oregon with travel-happy parents meant I spent a lot of time exploring. I inevitably developed an insatiable wanderlust and a love for the environment and science. 

(Thanks mom and dad!) 

Adventure Calling

So, when I was given the incredible opportunity to lead a photography workshop for National Geographic, I couldn't pass it up. The job so perfectly combined some of my favorite things: traveling, teaching, photography, science, and working with students. It was like a dream.

But! Traveling for a living can take its toll. So I later decided to settle down a bit. And in 2013 I took a chance and photographed my first wedding. Little did I know that taking that one chance would lead to hundreds of happy couples and a career that I love so much.

Guess it turns out my adventure was calling. And what an adventure it's turned out to be!

haylet h.

The whole experience was better than we could have imagined, and the photos turned out incredible!

As a travel photographer, I am moved by new surroundings and learn from the pulse of the people around me. So as we begin this adventure together, rest assured that I'll learn from you. I'll draw inspiration from you. And ultimately, I'll connect with you.

I love helping you discover what's important to you. And I hope to make you feel heard, taken care of, and at ease.

I'm a passionate and thorough planner, and I'll help you plan the photography of your wedding day in much the same way I plan my travels. Because when I know where I'm traveling I dive deep into the prep work. By sorting out the details ahead of time {leaving a bit of room for unexpected fun}, I can show up relaxed and experience my trip, rather than scrambling for details once I arrive. 

As we prepare for your wedding day, I'll be prompt, prepared, and have all the nitty-gritty particulars that are important to you ironed out.

I’ll help you put together your family photo list, and put them in an order that makes sense ahead of time, so family photos will be organized, efficient and enjoyable! 

What's Important


I'll also help you craft your wedding day timeline in advance. The result? Smooth transitions and plenty of wiggle-room to manage the inevitable un-planned fiascos.

The way I see it, my job is to take my experience thinking on my feet and apply it directly to your wedding so that you don't have so much to think about!

Overall, my goal is for you to feel relaxed and fully present with your loved ones, knowing that I'm going to highlight the beautiful moments that are important to you, and document all the joy, all the love and all the fun along the way.

Discover Beautiful Moments

We were so pleased with Cameron's work as our wedding photographer! She worked hard to help us understand and articulate what we wanted to see in our wedding photos, and then delivered beyond expectations. We don't find ourselves in front of a camera often, and Cameron's personality and guidance helped us feel natural and comfortable. The photos from that day are treasures.

 Cameron's personality and guidance helped us feel natural and comfortable. 

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elena l. 

Seriously, as a wedding photographer my strongest advice will always be to plan your wedding exactly how you want it to be.

Take time to focus on what’s most important to you as a couple.

Because I'm all about less posing and more laughing. Less trendiness and more timelessness. Less tradition for tradition's sake and always more meaningful moments. 

My only rule:

there are no rules.

Traveling is essential for breathing fresh air into my work! I'm convinced that the lessons I've learned, and the travel badges I've earned have made me a better wedding photographer. So, when I'm not photographing weddings, you can find me adventuring around the Pacific Northwest or the world.

travel is essential


If I'm home, I'm probably in bed, wrapped in cozy blankets, eating cookie dough ice cream, and watching British crime dramas on Netflix. 

get cozy


I point out every dog I see. And although I had no plans to get a dog of my own, I met Aria! She needed a foster home when she was 5 months old, and we offered. We COMPLETELY fell in love and officially adopted her. She’s just the best! So yes, dogs at weddings and engagement shoots... pretty much my favorite thing!

puppy love


My husband Adam and I met 12 years ago when we were both working on a 100-year-old ship teaching kids about the ocean. We've been together ever since and now have an amazing daughter - Elsie. So, I totally understand how much this day and this commitment to your person means to you.

love + respect


I'm super scared of flying. But I LOVE traveling, so I suck it up and I deal. Truth is, I feel that same commitment and passion in making sure your day is amazing. No matter what, I’ve got your back and I’ll do whatever I can to help you.

conquering fears












The Traveling Photographer

I meant it when I said I'm an adventure guide. The places we've been often inform the places we'll go. Explore my life in pictures below, purchase a print here, or  see all of my travel photography here.


Photographing for UnCruise Adventures


Photographing for UnCruise Adventures

New York City

Exploring the Big Apple


Teaching Photography For National Geographic Student Expeditions



SE Asia

Leading Photo Workshops in Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia


Exploring the ISland

New Zealand

Exploring the country by campervan


Exploring Kauai, Maui, Moloka'i, Lanai, and the big island


Living in Sydney and traveling the country

Our wedding was not your typical wedding. We were planning for a weekend summer camp getaway in the fall, all of which Cameron was totally on board and excited for. She was super easy to communicate with and helped guide us in some of the planning. She is, by far, the best decision we ever made, besides getting married in the first place. 

She is, by far, the best decision we ever made (besides getting married in the first place!)

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