Candid Wedding Photography near Seattle: Preserving Real Moments

May 21, 2018

There is no quicker way to turn a vibrant, animated moment into a dull, forgettable one than by yelling, “Look over here and smile! Now, say CHEESE!” I believe that capturing unique, real-life moments is the most important job of a photographer, and that your wedding day deserves to be celebrated and preserved in all of its unfiltered fullness. This is why I focus on candid wedding photography near Seattle and beyond!


My passion for photography stems from a desire to tell stories through photographs. My collection of travel photographs tells the stories of places I’ve been. I approach wedding photography with the same photojournalistic mindset, greeting each new client with the intention of telling your story in a raw and untouched way.


That said, I solemnly swear to never ask you to “smile and say cheese”.




Unless you’re a professional model, it’s easy to feel intimidated when the camera comes out. The last thing I want is to have my presence take you out of being fully immersed in a moment so that’s why I do everything I can to preserve your story in a way that doesn’t interrupt or interfere with the flow of your big day.


Whether it’s the playfulness of a couple in love, the out-of-control helicopter twirls of a groom on the dance floor, or the nervous flush of a flower girl, I’ll capture real moments and highlight timeless memories that far outshine any fake fairytale. Photos of these real moments are gold, and help you remember what your day really felt like. The story of your day is unrepeatable; so it’s important to not let it be misrepresented through trendy poses or fabricated moments.


As a candid wedding photographer, I focus on the in-between moments that you might forget or not even notice in the chaos. A shared glance, an indulgent smile, a look of pride; these moments are the ones that show genuine connection and that encapsulate the emotion of the day with every organic, moment-driven click of the shutter.


I am a fly on the wall, eagerly along for the ride, soaking in the magic of your day, and sneakily collecting wedding candids for you to enjoy, long after your last party balloon has popped.

happy wedding couple on Bainbridge Island

bride crying happy tears at wedding in Seattle

candid wedding photography near seattle with bride laughing

seattle wedding dj with wedding guest captured by photographer

Jewish wedding ceremony dancing at Normandy Park in Seattle

seattle wedding photographer captures dance party at a Bainbridge Island IslandWood wedding

Jewish wedding shtick captured by Seattle wedding photographer

candid wedding photography near seattle with couple dancing



Of course we’ll still take posed portraits – They can be a great addition to any wedding or engagement session gallery. Just because these shots are planned, it doesn’t mean they can’t also feel natural, organic, and authentic. During portrait sessions, my goal is for you to have fun, embrace real emotions, and connect one another. While I lay low during candid opportunities, I’ll direct you during portrait sessions, helping you get out of your own head, forget about the camera, and enjoy the moment. I do this in part by using a clever collection of prompts, games, and questions to spark your personality and bring life to your portraits.

candid wedding photography near seattle

A Seattle wedding couple naturally and comfortably posed for portraits

seattle wedding photographer captures candid natural wedding portraits in golden light

seattle wedding photographer captures candid photograph of bride

Let’s tell your story!

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding at your childhood hometown, in a clearing in the woods, or ocean-side at a tropical destination, I hope you will invite me along to help you tell your story. Contact me to capture the wedding of your dreams. 


Cameron Zegers is a Seattle wedding photographer who travels for destination wedding and elopement photography and specializes in capturing authentic moments.

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