5 Ways Traveling Makes Me a Better Wedding Photographer

May 25, 2018

A fundamental passion of mine is capturing beauty across the world. As I travel, I discover the international human experience and showcase it to unfamiliar audiences. I firmly believe that traveling is essential for breathing fresh air into my work, and I am convinced that the lessons I learn, and travel badges I earn make me a better wedding photographer.

candid photo of Tanzanian women laughing



As a National Geographic Student Expeditions trip leader, I teach photography to high school students. As you might imagine, traveling with 20 high school students is a total walk in the park. Wait, did I say walk in the park? I misspoke. Let’s be honest, if you’re traveling with that many people, Murphy’s Law will undoubtedly rear his ugly head and throw a few curve balls into the mix. Being accountable for that many teenagers, I’ve learned to handle each worst-case scenario by adjusting and adapting to the space and people around me. As a result, my unexpected travel experiences have taught me to change perspectives when necessary, to take a creative approach to problem solving, and to always come prepared when photographing a wedding.



As a photojournalist at heart, I take the same storytelling approach to wedding and travel photography. When telling the story of your wedding, I curate thestoryline, highlight the best parts, and include all the unexpected twists and turns that make it unique. I would bet that many of us can recall a difficult travel experience (thanks TSA) that over time has turned into a heartwarming, nostalgic, or even hilarious story we share again and again. My job is to take my experience thinking on my feet and apply it directly to your wedding. Did you plan for an outdoor shoot only to have it derailed by the rain? Are your groomsmen running late? Are you feeling the pressure and jitters of the day? I’ve got you covered. I have been through it all and will give you the help and perspective you need to be at ease. Together we will weave all the unexpected moments of your day into a beautiful, organic part of your wedding story. After all, these are the parts that make it truly yours.  



A natural side effect of traveling is that it ignites curiosity and creativity. Every new place has a rich history full of stunning traditions, colors, food and music, with so many new details to absorb. I explore each destination with camera in hand in pursuit of unique ways to style and create. I am moved by new surroundings and learn from the pulse of the people around me. My desire is to draw inspiration from real life, not just from the newest Pinterest craze.



Being a huge trip-planning nerd, I strategize meticulously for my journey. But occasionally, things go in a different direction and that forces me to take pause and reevaluate the circumstances. Often, these unexpected deviations become the most treasured memories of my trip as they pop up so suddenly and force me out of my comfort zone. These moments show me that sometimes we don’t know what we need until it’s right in front of us. When we are exposed to the same played out or overly planned experiences, creativity can easily get stifled.



As mentioned above, I am a passionate and thorough planner. Once I know where I’m traveling to, I dive deep into the prep work. I immediately try to locate the best cabana for cocktails, a hike with a killer viewpoint and where the locals love to grab an afternoon snack. Putting this work in ahead of time allows me to show up relaxed! Since I’ve sorted the details I care about ahead of time (leaving a bit of room for unexpected fun) I experience my trip, rather than scrambling for details once I arrive. I take the same approach to planning your wedding day shoot. I am prompt, prepared, and have all the nitty-gritty particulars ironed out in advance so you don’t have to.

I want to help you discover what is important to you, highlight the beautiful moments, react positively to the unexpected (because, that’s life!), and tell your unique story with a fresh point of view. My experience traveling makes me ready for anything and gives me the tools to connect with you and document your day.

The places we’ve been often inform the places we’ll go. Explore my travel photography here.

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