Intimate Bliss: A Corson Building Wedding

May 29, 2024

Choosing the perfect venue is one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding. For A and M, the Corson Building in Seattle was the ideal spot for their intimate celebration. Their micro-wedding is bursting with love, laughter, and cherished moments. It was all set against the stunning backdrop of this historic location and my favorite venue!

A Venue That Feels Like Home

The Corson Building, with its beautiful garden and vintage charm, provided the perfect setting for this couple’s special day. They wanted a venue that reflected their love for nature, wildlife, and history, and the Corson Building offered just that. The proximity to their home in Renton also meant they could easily return for anniversaries to enjoy their incredible menu!

“We chose the Corson Building because it felt very ‘us’ to get married at a smaller, historic building in Seattle that has a pretty garden and a comfortable and low-key vibe,” they shared. “The venue, food, and staff are all incredible, and it’s a place we can come back to on future anniversaries.”

A Low-Key Celebration

Their wedding was a relaxed and intimate affair, focusing on spending the day with the people they love most. With no wedding party, flower girl, or toasts, the day was completely about enjoying each other’s company. Their guests included parents, siblings, a couple of friends, a dog, and an infant, creating a truly family-oriented atmosphere. The simplicity of the event allowed everyone to feel comfortable and connected, highlighting the couple’s desire for a low-key celebration.

The wedding took place in the restaurant’s garden, adding to the natural and serene feeling of the day. The greenery and vintage aesthetics of the Corson Building complemented the simple yet elegant style of the couple.

The Beauty of the Moment

One of the most anticipated moments for A was having everyone together in the same place. “The event is meant to feel relatively casual, but having everyone in the same place will feel special and surreal. It’s been a long-awaited moment for us!”

For M, the first dance held significant emotional weight. “The first dance is to a very special song and it will be very emotional for both of us. We’re making this ceremony feel very personal and in tune with our personalities.”

The exterior of the Corson Building with a charming garden, featuring blooming wisteria and a rustic entrance gate.
Bride Reflecting by an Arched Window
Purple wisteria flowers in the garden and a welcome sign for a wedding at the Corson Building.
Close-up of groom's cufflinks shaped like lobsters
Bride and groom portraits in a garden
The bride and groom's first look in front of the Corson Building, showcasing their happy expressions and elegant attire.
Bride and groom embracing under a canopy of flowers
Close-up of bride and groom's hands with wedding ring
Bride and groom walking hand-in-hand through a garden gate
Close-up wisteria blooms in the garden and a dog with a floral collar, at a wedding.
The bride and groom share a kiss surrounded by vibrant garden blooms and wisteria.
The bride and groom walking down a garden path, smiling at each other.
Close-up of the bride and groom holding hands and sharing a tender moment.
The bride and groom kiss in front of the Corson Building, surrounded by garden greenery.
The bride hugging her mother and father, both filled with emotion.
A wedding guest smiling with a glass of champagne and a close-up of a baby.
The couple's dog sitting on a chair, wearing a floral collar.
The groom walking with a family member and the bride holding her bouquet.
The bride and groom exchanging vows in an outdoor garden ceremony.
Guests, including a dog, attentively listening during the wedding ceremony.
Close-up of the bride and groom exchanging rings during the ceremony.
The bride and groom smiling during the exchange of vows in the garden.
The bride and groom's first kiss and a private moment together in the garden.
The bride and groom embracing and signing the marriage certificate.
The bride and groom watching as the officiant signs the marriage certificate.
Bride and groom signing their marriage certificate in a cozy room with natural light from a window.
Bride and groom sharing a toast with family members in a garden setting, capturing joyous expressions and laughter.
Wedding guests smiling and conversing during the reception, enjoying the festive atmosphere.
Groom smiling and chatting with guests in an outdoor reception area, capturing the joy of the celebration.
Close-up of an elegantly set wedding table with greenery, flowers, and glasses being filled with wine.
Bride smiling while holding her dog, who is adorned with a floral collar, during the wedding reception.
Groom holding a smiling baby while the bride looks on with a smile.
Guest taking a photo at the wedding reception table with friends and family in the background.
Wedding cake adorned with flowers on a table beside a decorative window.
Guest smiling while holding a baby at the wedding reception.
Dog with a floral collar at the wedding ceremony and groom holding a baby.
Groom and bride sharing a kiss while seated by a window with their marriage license on the table.
Bride and groom's family members enjoying drinks and conversation.
Guests smiling and talking at the wedding reception.
Groom and guests mingling and smiling at the wedding reception.
Bride and groom during their first dance at an intimate outdoor wedding

Kind Words from the Couple

A and M couldn’t have been happier with their photos! They were incredibly grateful for the seamless support and timeless photography that perfectly captured their special day. “THANK YOU so much for all your help! We’ve been talking non-stop about how much fun we had during the photoshoots and how lucky we are to have worked with you. You made our big day so special, fun, exciting, and memorable. You are amazing!”

The couple felt each image brought back beautiful memories, and they loved how candid and natural the shots were. “We were absolutely thrilled to receive our wedding photos. They are incredibly beautiful, and going through them was like reliving our wedding day all over again. Each shot looks so candid and natural, capturing the essence of our celebration perfectly.”

A and M find the inclusion of their beloved dog, Sasha, in many of the photos to be quite touching. “We especially love how you incorporated our little Sasha into many of the shots—it definitely made us smile and added a personal touch that we adore.”

Their gratitude was heartfelt: “Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for us and for these gorgeous photos. We feel incredibly lucky to have had such a wonderful experience and to have these stunning photos to cherish for the rest of our lives.”

Vendor Spotlight

HMUA: LiSun Goh,

Final Words

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